How to Find Out the True Value and Worth of Pearls?



The worth of pearl depends on several factors, such as type, color, size, and surface quality of the pearl. When talking about its value, a wild pearl has more worth than a cultured pearl. So, what are those factors that determine the value of the pearl?

Type of pearl

This is the most important factor that determines the value of a pearl. Pearl is classified in two main categories: natural pearl and a cultured pearl. To know more about pearl value, check it out.

Factors that influence pearl value are:

Pearl Type – Amongst the various types of pearls, South Sea Pearls are considered to be the most valuable.
Pearl Size – Larger size of pearls have more value than the smaller ones
Pearl Color – Color of pearls also plays a significant role in determining its worth
Pearl Shape – Pearls that have rounder shape are more valuable
Pearl Luster – The shinier the pearl, more valuable it will be
Pearl Surface Quality – Lesser surface blemishes indicates more value

South sea pearl value
South sea pearls are the largest variety of pearls seen on the market. Cultured golden and white south sea pearls are the largest gemstones available on the cultured market. This makes them durable as well as rare in the market.

Tahitian Pearl Value
Tahitian pearls are an interesting variety of pearls that come in dark colors. Depending on the quality and size, each strand of these pearls’ costs between $500 to $25,000.

Akoya Pearl Value
Akoya pearls have a classic round shape. Each strand of these white pearls cost between $300 to $10,000.

Freshwater Pearl Value
Circular freshwater pearl looks same as Akoya pearls but is comparatively less pricey. Each strand will cost near about $50 to $2,000.


Irrespective of the gender, men as well as women, both admire the perfection, warmth and beauty that are brought by pearls. Value of the pearl is a combination of different factors as mentioned above. Considering all these factors would prove to be helpful in determining the pearl’s value.

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