Urban Outfitters’ Spring Pieces Have Me Shook—15 That Passed My Test IRL


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Welcome to Let’s Get a Room, a series where editor Eliza Huber heads to the dressing room to try on pieces from your favorite retailers, buzzy items, and new collections. Think of this column as a detailed guide to the pieces that are actually worth buying and the ones that, unfortunately, looked better online—no returns necessary.

I have to admit I’ve spent the last few years sleeping on Urban Outfitters, likely because of how absolutely pivotal it was in my teenage wardrobe. For me, part of growing up included discovering new places to shop, even if it meant giving up my then go-to store. But something changed a few weeks ago that brought me right back to 17: I logged on to the brand’s website for a quick work-related peruse and added at least 20 items to my cart—something I hadn’t done in ages. And just like that, I was hooked all over again.

To know for sure if my sudden renewed interest in the brand was warranted, I decided to head into some of NYC’s biggest Urban Outfitters locations and put my jam-packed digital shopping cart to the test. The result? Well, you’ll have to keep reading to find out.

Ahead, see which 15 spring pieces from Urban Outfitters were as good in person as they looked online. 


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