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Apple Launches Podcast Subscription Service

Overview of Apple’s Podcast Subscription Service 

Apple has recently unveiled a new subscription service for podcast makers and creators, called Podcast Subscriptions. This new service would allow podcast creators the opportunity to make money through subscriptions to their podcasts. It is estimated that the service could generate up to $28.2 million per year.

The service allows podcast creators to list their podcasts on Apple’s Podcasts Connect with the ability to charge for premium content and products. The podcast would appear in the subscription list and users would be able to subscribe to it from the Apple Podcasts app. Creators would be able to set their own prices for the subscriptions and could offer discounts for longer term subscriptions. 

Benefits of Podcast Subscription Service

Apple is hoping that this new service will help bolster the podcasting industry, which has crushed over the last year due to the pandemic. 

For podcast creators, the subscription service offers a way to make money from their work. Creators can now charge a subscription fee for access to their podcasts, giving them a way to generate revenue and a form of protection against piracy. It also allows podcast makers to build relationships with their listeners by offering discounts on longer-term subscriptions. 

For podcast listeners, the service gives them access to more content, as well as the ability to support their favorite shows. It also gives them control over what content they can subscribe to and the flexibility of choosing their own subscription length and cost. 

Examples of Podcasts Available

Apple’s new Podcast Subscription Service is available to any podcast creator, from big businesses to hobbyists. There are already a number of podcasts that have signed up for the service, including NPR’s “This American Life”, TV personality Joe Rogan’s “The Joe Rogan Experience”, and the popular “Serial” podcast from This American Life.


Q1. Is Apple’s Podcast Subscription Service free?

A1. No, podcast creators must set their own subscription fees for their podcast. 

Q2. How do I subscribe to an Apple Podcast Subscription?

A2. You can subscribe to an Apple Podcast Subscription through the Podcasts Connect app on your Apple device. 

Q3. Are there any discounts available on longer-term subscriptions? 

A3. Yes, some podcasts may offer discounts on longer-term subscriptions. This is at the discretion of the podcast creator. 

Q4. Is the Apple Podcast Subscription Service available to podcast creators outside of the US? 

A4. Yes, the Podcast Subscription Service is available in over 170 countries. 

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