We Wear-Tested These Shoes, and Yep, You Can Comfortably Walk Miles in Them


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Ah, the ongoing struggle to find cute shoes that won’t kill your feet and are wearable for hours without any pain. There’s a delicate balance to a great pair of shoes, where style doesn’t come at the cost of your poor little toes. And it’s hard out here, given that more often than not those drool-worthy shoes you just *had* to have spend more time in your closet than on your feet. There’s no greater feeling than when you stumble upon a fabulous pair of shoes that goes with any outfit and passes the comfort test. It’s a victory that must be shared. 

As fashion editors, we try all kinds of shoes, from the sandals having a huge moment right now to the fashion set’s favorite sky-high platforms. And while we love experimenting with new styles, there are a select few tried-and-true pairs of shoes we keep returning to time and again that feel like a dream to wear. Trust—you’re going to want to pay attention to the shoes these six editors can’t stop obsessing over. Comfort has never looked so chic.


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