Wearing This Cult-Loved Perfume Brand Practically Guarantees Compliments


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While some designer labels boast one (okay, maybe two) iconic fragrances, Tom Ford arguably has at least five times that number. Black Orchid, Fucking Fabulous, Oud Wood, Tobacco Wood… The brand has debuted one timeless and covetable fragrance after another, each welcomed with a steeper and steeper upward slope of appreciation. 

As beauty editors, we’ve always held a special appreciation for the fashion designer’s well-versed selection of collectible beauty items, but the appreciation doesn’t stop at Ford’s cult-loved bronzers or lash-extending mascaras. Tom Ford perfumes are some of the most highly sought-after and beloved fragrances in the industry, and if you own one (or more), you likely already know the enchanting spell they cast on those around you. If you wear one of Tom Ford’s bewitching scents, you will get compliments, and you will get questions—it just comes with the territory.

There’s no such thing as one “best” perfume. We’re all unique human beings with entirely different tastes and preferences when it comes to scent. But we’d be remiss not to pay our respects to the most popular, fastest-selling perfumes from House Ford. Below, we’re sharing our 10 favorites in the order in which they appear on the brand’s best-sellers page. Looking for your new fragrance infatuation? Keep scrolling—you’ve come to the right place. 


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