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What to Wear for a Virtual Meeting?

virtual meeting

Are you a freelance email marketer or a graphic designer working remotely at the comfort of your home? Or are you a working professional who had to adapt the work from culture because of the onset of a covid-19 pandemic?  

This article is for all the professionals who attend virtual meetings.  

Before the pandemic, except for some professionals, a vast majority of people had their meetings organized within their office premises.  

Howbeit, things have changed now. Almost every working professional has their meetings on virtual space such as Google meets, zoom, skype, etc.  

Now let us look at what to wear while attending a virtual meeting.    

Go for Bright Colors  

Even if you never liked wearing bright colors during your official meetings, it is recommended to go for it while you take part in a virtual meeting; it will make your eye-catching on-screen.    

Pro Tip – Email Search Tools  

If you are an email marketer or a business owner running an email marketing campaign, this tip is for you. You can easily find the correct email addresses of your prospects by using email search tools such as,, etc.  

These tools make it easy for you to build a healthy email list.    

Wear Comfortable Clothes  

For people who have their meeting for up to an hour a day or week, it is ok to wear a dress that has improper stitching making the person uncomfortable even though it suits them well.  

However, when you are attending a meeting for long hours, you cannot wear something you do not feel comfortable wearing all day long.  

Wear clothes that you look good in, yet comfortable, allowing you to breathe adequately.    

Wear Simple Accessories  

You can include simple yet elegant accessories to add some style to your dress. Avoid heavy or noise-making jewelry if you have to do a lot of typing or moving your hands often.    

Choose Large Patterns Over Smaller Ones  

Smaller patterns are noticed to cause flickering effects on the camera sometimes. Hence, you can prefer wearing clothes with large patterns rather than smaller ones.  

This will keep you away from the strange effect.    

Beware of Your eyeglass Reflection  

While attending a virtual team meeting, it is common that you feel zoned out and choose to browse on the web or check your emails instead of staying focused on the meeting.  

If you are wearing glasses, you should remember that your glasses may reflect your laptop or desktop screen into the camera.  

Although there is very little chance for people on the other side to decipher exactly what you are doing, they will surely understand that you are up to something else.  

The best thing would be to not wear glasses if you cannot stay hooked till the end of the meeting.    

Final Thoughts  

I hope this article will help you to dress up for your next virtual meeting. You can follow the tips shared in this article to present yourself the better way in all your meetings.  

If there is no need for you to stand up in your meeting, you could prefer wearing anything you wish to wear from the waist down!

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