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What You Should Know Before Upgrading Glock Triggers

Glock Triggers

Many people say that more shooting makes the trigger smoother when upgrading a Glock’s trigger, but that could cost thousands of rounds. Several options enhance the trigger’s smoothness, including manual trigger polishing, dummy caps, and dry-firing. However, manual trigger polishing can damage internal trigger parts. It’s best to contact a professional gunsmith for help.

Drop-in Glock triggers

If you are looking to improve the feel of your Glock, you may want to consider a Glock trigger upgrades. While the stock Glock trigger is generally the best choice, it may be too light or heavy, depending on your preferences and shooting style. It is where a drop-in Glock trigger upgrade can help. It can also be useful to upgrade to a different style if you have a particular color scheme or trigger finger.

A drop-in Glock trigger upgrade can significantly improve your gun’s accuracy. The trigger is a critical component of the pistol’s performance, and a well-made one can enhance accuracy and feel. There are numerous triggers on the market, and many of them feature different pull weights and pre and post-travel settings. The best triggers even feature a trigger reset feature, which means you can adjust the pull weight to meet your preferences. Many also feature smoother action, which is especially important if you spend a lot of time shooting in competitive situations.

Improved finger placement

In military and competitive shooting circles, one of the most effective ways to shoot a gun is to place your finger on the trigger correctly. This technique is based on the theory that each person’s hand is different and the weapon. The finger should be placed on the trigger pad between the end of the finger and the first knuckle. Your fingers should not push the round backward or drag the sights away from the target when used correctly.

In addition to improved finger placement, you’ll notice that flat triggers have a more consistent, uniform feel. The flat surface allows your finger to contact the trigger, which produces an even, smooth pull and break. It is advantageous when moving quickly or drawing from a holster. In addition to the improved finger placement, flat triggers make drawing your gun from a holster easier.

Reduced pre-travel

When you upgrade a Glock trigger, you’re changing an essential part of the gun’s safety system. Increasing the pre-travel could compromise the gun’s safety, so it’s important to choose a designed trigger to reduce this pre-travel. Before upgrading your Glock triggers, you should understand what these terms mean. Pre-travel is the amount of movement before and after the trigger breaks, while over-travel is the amount of movement after the trigger has broken. By reducing pre-travel, you can improve your trigger pull and increase accuracy. However, pre-travel can cause finger placement problems, so be careful when changing this part of the trigger.

Shortened reset

Glock trigger upgrade will make your trigger pull lighter and give you a cleaner break. It is recommended for duty use but not for competition guns. The newer styles of triggers also have a shorter reset. This option will also reduce the trigger pull’s weight by about a pound. However, it is not necessary to replace the trigger on every gun.

Aftermarket triggers can also reduce the slack in the trigger and reduce the pre-travel time. These advantages will help you make precise shots while keeping your Glock trigger reliable. The trigger pull strength of Glocks is an important consideration. A super light trigger pull is easy to pull but increases the gun’s chances of misfiring.

Easy to install

The factory trigger feels gritty and has jagged edges and surfaces, causing tension throughout the trigger pull. A high-quality trigger produces a tight sweep and a fast take-up. A high-quality trigger will also give you a smoother pull every time you pull the trigger.

Choosing the right trigger is essential to achieving a smooth, consistent pull and firing. The Apex trigger has a lighter pull, reduced overtravel, and improved accuracy. Because of its shorter trip and lower overtravel, it is perfect for quick follow-up shots. Furthermore, the trigger has a weight disconnector for quick and easy installation. A rotating safety tab is also included with the trigger.

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