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Which Styles of Polarized Sunglasses are Available for Women?

Which Styles of Polarized Sunglasses are Available for Women?

Polarized sunglasses have health and non-health benefits for women and are an important accessory to buy. For instance, they can protect your eyes against UV damage and from things like sand, dirt, debris, and dust. In addition, they can spice up your outfit and make you look sophisticated, professional, or casual. There are several styles of women’s sunglasses that are quite popular on the market today.

Goodr OG Running polarized shades

These shades are perfect for running in marathons and for engaging in sports in general. They are durable, lightweight, and polarized and affordable. Furthermore, they can stay up on your face, even if you get really sweaty. In addition, they come in different hues.

Warby Parker Raider shades

If you lack clear vision and you don’t usually wear specs, you can invest in a pair of these prescription shades. The raider shades can be found in five different lens and frame color options. They can complement a casual outfit. If you love this style of shades but you do not need contact lens or glasses, you can buy the raider shades with non-prescription lenses.

Sojos Fashion round sunnies

These shades look pricey, but they are affordable. They have an oversized design which can fully protect your eyes by keeping the sun out. However, despite their oversized design, they are very lightweight and can also compliment a casual outfit. You can find these shades in seven different colors.

Ralph Polarized Cat’s Eye Shades

These shades come with a light but sturdy frame which has a cat’s eye finish. The gradient lenses will add a stylish look to your overall appearance while shielding you from the sun’s damaging rays. The side of the frame has a metal detailing that not only adds texture but also makes your look more stylish.

Ray-Ban Unisex Polarized Square Shades

This pair of square shades will flatter an oval-shaped face. In addition, the shades are made with glass lenses which contain polarized filters to enhance your vision.

Ray-Ban Women’s polarized rectangular shades

This pair of shades suits a rectangular-shaped face. Moreover, the polycarbonate lenses are lightweight and impact resistant. Therefore, they are comfortable to wear, can repel water and also protect your eyes from dust so you can see more clearly. In addition, they provide protection from harsh sunlight and UV rays. They also reduce glare.

Ralph Lauren Polarized Aviator Shades

These tortoise-framed aviators look perfect on oval, heart or square-shaped faces. Furthermore, you will not need to worry about your eyes getting damaged by the sun because these shades have 100% UV filter and a polarized lens that will provide full protection to your eyes.

Vogue Women’s Polarized Butterfly shades

These butterfly-shaped shades suit an oval-shaped face. In addition, they have a crystal embellished detail on the temples which provide a very eye-catching look. Moreover, the shades are impact-resistant, have polarized lenses and repel water to provide you with a higher visual clarity and protect you from the harsh glare.


In conclusion, women are spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing stylish and functional shades because there are so many to choose from. However, you can start by buying any of the women’s sunglasses listed here.

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