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Why Are Women So Fond of Jewelry?

women's fashion necklaces

Why are women love jewelry so much? Is it just out of frivolity or greed? Casting a glance into the past, we see that since ancient times, not only women but also men have worn jewelry made of solid materials- at first, they were all kinds of animal fangs, pieces of horn or bone, shells. In later times, metal products and beads appeared.  

Ancient people had symbolic thinking and believed that with the help of these solid materials they could strengthen their body- First of all, women’s fashion necklaces – so that the soul remains in the body as long as possible, then the arms and legs- the most vulnerable to blows and wounds. Putting himself or his bff friendship necklaces made from the fangs of a slain beast, the ancient warrior believed that the power of this beast would protect him.

Thus, initially, jewelry was worn not only for beauty but made sense – amulets or amulets. And later, when people learned to work metals, they saw the particles of the sacred Sun in gold. For example, Indian poets said: “Gold is immortal, and the Sun is also immortal”, the ancient Scandinavians believed that the palaces of the Gods were illuminated by luminous gold, the ancient Slavs saw sunlight in the glitter of gold, and the lightning of Perun in the glitter of silver.

And even in all modern fairy tales, silver drives away all evil spirits, magic bullets, and weapons are made from it, with its help they purify water. For our ancestors, a woman was sacred – after all, she gives birth to children and in this, she is like the Earth, she keeps the wisdom of the tribe. Even modern biologists have established that it is women who keep the “golden fund” of the genes of their nation, and the man is much more susceptible to biological changes.

Ancient people felt this and believed that a woman gives birth to children because the sacred spirit of the ancestor enters her body for a new incarnation. And therefore they tried to carefully guard it. Hence, there are so many ornaments in a woman’s costume. These are girls’ headbands, and colored beads, rings, rings, pendants. Hryvnia was one of the important neck decorations, and this decoration was worn by both girls and men. This jewelry was made of bronze, copper, soft alloys. Rich people could wear silver grivans and very rarely gold ones.

Temple rings were another common adornment. They were usually hung from a headdress or woven into the hair. Moreover, the most elegant rings were worn by young women and girls, and girls and elderly women who stopped giving birth wore the most simple rings or did not wear them at all.

One of the earliest pieces of jewelry found during excavations are bracelets. They were made from a variety of materials: metal, cord, leather, glass. But wearing a ring was given the same meaning as wearing temple rings. Usually, girls wore a simple ring on their left hand, brides and young women wore a ring on their right hand, and women beyond childbearing age again wore simple rings on their left.

Amulets were also of great importance. They were usually made in the form of figures of horses, ducks, household items, gold elephant necklace – for example, miniature spoons, ladles, keys. Sometimes women wore amulets in the form of hatchest, because the ax is Perun’s weapon, and both men and women honored him. Women wore amulets hanging on the left or right shoulder, in contrast to men who wear them at the waist. Sometimes charm pendants were inserted into a necklace or attached to earrings.  

This is how it becomes clear that, initially, jewelry is not “trinkets” at all, and women, apparently, intuitively feel it to this day.

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