Wow—I Wish I Had Known These 12 Completely Ingenious Concealer Hacks Years Ago


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Celebrity makeup artist Samantha Lau says one common mistake people make with concealer is using the same one for everything. They’ll use it for both dark circles and blemishes or use their winter shade of concealer when they have a tan.

“The skin under the eyes often has more blue, purple, or brown tones, and using a shade that matches the rest of the face can exacerbate those tones, making them look worse,” says celebrity makeup artist Fiona Stiles. “You need to color correct a bit under the eye, so a dual concealer, one that comes with a tone for covering and one for correcting, is a lifesaver.”

For the under-eye area, celebrity makeup artist Emma White Turle recommends looking for something with an undertone of orange or peach to brighten the area and erase blue shadows.


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