Your Old Lipstick Is Obsolete Thanks to This Game-Changing 3-in-1 Lip Set


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Favorite shades: Rosewood, Fawn, Taupe

I won’t lie to you all, it took me a second to figure out how to use this little contraption, but once I did, I loved the convenience of it. One end of the product contains the lip liner (which you apply to the lips first) while the other end has a cap that pops off to reveal the lush lip setter that goes atop the liner. Separately, there is a top gloss that can be used as a last step and pulls the whole look together. Honestly, I’ve never been huge on an overly glossy lip so I could skip the top gloss if I wanted to, but I actually ended up loving how it adds the perfect amount of shine and dimension to the lips. You can also use as much or as little as you would like and it still looks stunning. 

Overall, I loved the shades Fawn, Taupe, and Rosewood the most for my skin tone. Taupe is this beige-y brown hue that’s perfect for every day wear and Fawn is a bit of a darker brown (with a hint of plum) that feels like a night out shade to me. I’m picky about my pink shades of lipstick because it’s hard to find *the* rosy hue that compliments my makeup without taking attention away from the rest of the look. Rosewood does this nicely. Interestingly enough, Hunt herself doesn’t even fill in her lips entirely with the liner most days, she just lightly outlines the edges of her lips and applies the gloss. I actually preferred to use the liner over the entirety of my lips and add the setter and gloss on top for a fuller look. What’s great is that both look phenomenal so it really is such a versatile collection.


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