Zara’s Summer Collection Is Here—I Lost It Over These 36 Finds


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While we may not exactly be close to summer, I couldn’t help but take a deep dive through Zara’s latest arrivals and plan for what should make it to my wardrobe next season. Can you blame me? Zara just knows how to win me over, whether it’s a dress that TikTok has made viral or a trusty blazer that almost every fashion person owns at this point. The brand updated its new-arrivals section with a plethora of summer-friendly items, and I’ve come to share the cream of the crop with you. 

It took hours of searching, clicking, and my computer almost crashing from all the open tabs, but I narrowed my finds down to 36 pieces that I think are worth your time (and money). Keep scrolling for the summer Zara items I truly lost it over. I already added a few to my own cart, so I speak solely the truth when I say that. Trust me.


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