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29 Finds I’m Loving (That I’m Telling My Stylish 58-Year-Old Aunt to Buy Too)


In case you’re new here, I talk about my stylish aunt quite a lot. She is one of the first people to ignite my love of fashion and it’s one of the many reasons we have remained so bonded over the years. We are often texting or emailing each other fun new shopping finds from the next It bag to a cheap H&M piece that looks triple the price. Since, according to me, we have wonderful taste, I thought it would be fun to share with you all the 29 new spring and summer finds I have been sending to her as of late. 

Ahead, get ready for the perfect wedding guest dress, my favorite cozy bra, colorful sandals, and much more. Truthfully, this list is all over the place, but it’s genuinely filled with items that both my aunt and I love right now. Do I think you’ll love them too? Yes, I do.


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