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9 Style Tips for Wearing a Sweater Dress

Sweater Dress

If you’re following the latest and greatest trends, you’ve likely seen sweater dresses as a staple in women’s fashion. Sweater dresses come in many different colors, patterns and silhouettes. From bold cutout dresses to formal turtleneck designs, there are plenty of options to choose from to find a sweater dress that feels right for you. Plus, they’re a versatile option — you can dress them up or down to suit various occasions.

9 Style Tips for Wearing a Sweater Dress

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1. Use Shapewear To Highlight Your Figure

Many women rely on shapewear to achieve the look they want in a sweater dress. Shapewear can help smooth your body and highlight your curves. Check out everyday shapewear options that are comfortable and complementary to your body type. 

Don’t forget to keep your dress’s neckline in mind! Sweater dresses with cutouts may need strapless shapewear, but a turtleneck sweater dress may allow you to wear shapewear with thick straps for additional support. Shapewear can even help eliminate visible lines and seams from undergarments.

2. Layer With Outerwear

Sweater dresses are a great opportunity for layering. Even though they’re often thick and heavy, they still look good with extra layers. Top your sweater dress with a shawl, cardigan or leather jacket. Thin cardigans are a great way to create a look that’s cozy and casual. You can easily take it on and off to find a comfortable amount of warmth and coverage. 

Another option is a leather jacket that can quickly transform a work outfit into a date-night ensemble. Switching out your outer layers can turn one sweater dress into an array of outfit options. Plus, you can bring in items that you already have in your closet.

3. Try Over-the-Knee Boots 

Tall boots are a popular option in fall, winter and the beginning of spring. Leather and suede are trendy choices that go great with the material of a sweater dress. Over-the-knee boots pair beautifully with short sweater dresses, offering more coverage and extra style. They can be great for creating an outfit suitable for a date night or a night out with the girls.

Try Over-the-Knee Boots

Source: Victoria Chudinova/

4. Add Some Tights

Tights used to be an extremely popular style. While they fell off of the trend list for a while, tights are back and can help you complete your look. Try neutral tights if you want something that will blend in. Tights are also available in bold colors to offset solid, neutral-colored sweater dresses. Invest in a high-quality pair that won’t rip, tear or snag during everyday wear.

5. Don’t Shy Away From Patterns

When you picture a sweater dress, you may see something simple. However, there are sweater dresses in patterns that allow you to express your unique sense of style. Look at pieces with stripes, polka dots or chevron patterns. There are sweater dresses that have special knit patterns, providing additional texture and movement.

6. Wear the Right Bra

As with any outfit, it’s crucial to have the right bra. Sweater dresses are often form-fitting and could draw extra attention to spillage or pockets. Find a bra with the right cup size and band size. Some brands have a fit quiz or guide that helps you understand where and how to measure to achieve the best fit possible. You can browse for shaper bras that smooth and hug your shape while highlighting your natural curves.

7. Experiment With Accessories

Sweater dresses can act as blank slates for various accessories. Think about earrings, necklaces, bracelets and rings. You can also try out headbands, cellphone chains, wallets, sunglasses, hats, bags and other trendy pieces. Match your accessories, such as going with all gold, or mix and match to create your look.

8. Add a Belt

Belts are a common accessory for sweater dresses, especially if they are chunky. Thick, chunky or baggy sweater dresses can benefit from a belt to cinch in the waist and provide you with some shape. Oversized sweater dresses could be too baggy and hide your figure, so a dress belt is a great way to pull the dress in and control the look. 

Thin and thick belts are compatible with sweater dresses so experiment with different options and figure out what works best for your sweater collection. When in doubt, grab a couple of different options to have on hand.

- Add a Belt

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9. Try Out Different Necklines

With any jacket, T-shirt, blouse or dress, you should pay attention to the neckline. Crewnecks, round necks, turtlenecks and much more can alter the fit and the overall look of your ensemble. When it comes to sweater dresses, turtlenecks are very on-trend. They contribute to the overall comfy, cozy feel and give you extra warmth and coverage. If you’re going for a playful look, you can show off more of your figure with a plunging V-neck or button-up design. Some sweater dresses also have cutouts that can offset the formality of a turtleneck.

Embrace Your Style

There is a near-limitless number of style tips you can keep in mind when putting together a sweater dress ensemble. From your hair, makeup and shoes to accessories, one of the most important things to do is embrace your personal sense of style. You can follow some of the latest trends to demonstrate your love for fashion, or you can step outside of the box to wear what makes you feel your best.

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