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Exquisite Manipur Jewellery: A Glimpse into Tradition and Elegance

Exquisite Manipur Jewellery: A Glimpse into Tradition and Elegance

In the northeastern Indian state of Manipur, where the cultural tapestry is as rich as the land itself, traditional jewellery holds a special place in the hearts of its people. Renowned as the “Land of Fairies” and historically named “Subarna Bhu” or the “Land of Gold,” Manipur’s traditional jewellery is a reflection of its unique cultural heritage.

Manipur Jewellery in Matrimonial Celebrations:

Manipur Jewellery in Matrimonial Celebrations

Marriages in Manipur unfold over several days, steeped in time-honored customs and ceremonies. Manipuri brides, distinguishable by their vibrant attire, don traditional Manipuri jewellery that steals the spotlight. The bride’s ensemble often includes a Raslila skirt, a sarong, and a choli, but it’s the jewellery that adds the perfect finishing touch.

Maatha Patti:

Maatha Patti

  • A Maatha Patti, a headpiece adorned with a pendant resting on the forehead, is a quintessential part of Manipuri bridal jewellery. Crafted from gold and embellished with precious stones, it encapsulates the elegance and grace of Manipuri brides.



  • Manipuri brides adorn themselves with layers of simple gold necklaces and chains, showcasing a blend of tradition and sophistication.


  • Gold danglers take center stage as Manipuri brides’ preferred choice for earrings, with designs like the Salsa Dangler Earrings and the Nita Pearl Bloom Chand Bali capturing the essence of Manipuri craftsmanship.



  • Whether made of pure gold or adorned with precious stones, bangles play a significant role in Manipuri bridal jewellery, symbolizing prosperity and marital bliss.

Beads and Gems in Manipuri Ornaments:

Beads and Gems in Manipuri Ornaments

  • Traditional manipur jewellery often incorporates beads, intricately woven into necklaces. These bead garlands, with various designs, contribute to the unique charm of Manipuri jewellery.

Tribal Jewellery of Manipur:

Tribal Jewellery of Manipur

Beyond bridal jewellery, Manipur boasts a diverse array of tribal ornaments. Tribes in Manipur, distinct in their practices, shy away from metals, relying on bead ornaments, ivory armlets, and creations made from seeds or insects sourced from the Meithei or Assam regions.

In this “Land of Diamonds,” where tradition meets creativity, Manipur jewellery stands as a testament to the state’s cultural richness and aesthetic allure. Each piece tells a story, embodying the spirit of Manipur and its people.

Discover the allure of Manipur jewellery, where tradition and elegance converge in a symphony of colors and craftsmanship.

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