From Trendy to Timeless, 26 Tops I’ll Be Gladly Wearing All Summer


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When it comes to curating my summer wardrobe, I like to think about things in terms of categories. It helps me make sure each component of my outfits is versatile and diverse enough, and plus it’s fun to obsessively deep dive into one item at a time. I’ve already built out my collection of bottoms—including a ton of cargo pants and skirts—but I can admit my selection of tops is sorely lacking.

This year my goal is to find beautiful and style-forward blouses and shirts that I can wear all summer on trips to days at the office. For my search, I scoped out all of my favorite shops (on the internet of course) and made a list of the tops that immediately caught my attention. Below, see the results of my online browsing, as well as some photos of cool tops tastemakers are wearing right now to help spur some inspiration.


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