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Hailie Jade Scott – Age, Birth date, and Wiki

Hailie Jade

Hailie jade scott is as Eminem’s daughter. She gained popularity because she is her daughter. Other than that, there’s nothing special about her. Do you want to know about Eminem’s daughter’s age and other important stuff, then this is the right place for you.

Hailie Jade

Check more about Hailie jade and eminem here #

Most people recognise Hailie as Eminem’s daughter. She is the one who is frequently addressed in Eminem’s songs. Hailie Jade is slowly emerging from her father’s Shadow. Now she has established herself as an Instagram influencer. Hailie Jade was adopted by Eminem because her parents could not give her a proper childhood. Eminem became one of the biggest artists in the music industry and that’s how he could adopt her. Eminem and I were in high school. Eminem’s love story started when Kim and her twin sister ran away from their home in 1987. Eminem persuaded his mother to help the little girls. Her parents married four years later in 1999 and in 2001. Eminem did not come in 2006 January and then the file became diverse in April. He is James’ maternal aunt’s daughter. She is now Eminem’s daughter because Eminem has adopted both Kim’s and Dawn’s daughter. Eminem is very kind and generous. He has made a promise to adopt the daughter’s. After he saw that came and his new husband couldn’t keep the daughter’s properly, he adopted them.

Eminem and Kim’s Relationship #

Eminem and Kim

Kim grew up in a turbulent family. Her parents were toxic and both the sisters faced many problems. That’s how Eminem entered her life. Kim fell in love with Eminem. Eminem got married. They had an on and off relationship. Eminem divorced. They had one daughter. Later he fell in love with another guy who was a tattoo Artist and a drug addict. This gave rise to the Hailie eminem relationship. A relationship of love between a father and a daughter.

Kim married the tattoo artist. They had a daughter named healthy. Both came and her new husband was a drug addict. Game was arrested because he was found under cocaine possession. Eminem came to know that she is not able to take care of a Daughter. Even her husband was not a very good husband. She was charged for driving with a suspended licence and dangerous driving. She was also sentenced to jail for 30 days for violating the probation. In 2017 Eminem came out with the song bad husband in which he apologized to Kim. He thought that he was the reason for causing misery to come. In order to forgive her and ask for forgiveness, Eminem adopted her daughter. He knew that both the parents are not able to keep good care of him. This is how Hailie Jade Scott became Eminem’s daughter.

Hailie’s Schooling #

Hailie’s Schooling

Unlike other celebrity children, Hailie attended Chippewa Valley high school in Michigan. She is a member of the national honour Society for stamps and she also plays volleyball. She has enrolled for Michigan State University after she graduated from Summa Cum Laude where she studied psychology and entrepreneurship. Hailie Jade Scott has a keen interest in volleyball. She is also very interested in psychology and Entrepreneurship. There are some resources that say that Hailie Scott was born in Detroit Michigan.

Hailie Jade

She was born on December 25 1995. Eminem’s daughter is a Capricorn and is 25 years young. Kim is an American citizen. She has a Slender body type. According to her body measurements she weighs 55 kg and stands 5 feet 7 inches tall. Her body measurements are 34-26-35 inches. The bra size is 34b. She has lovely Hazel blue eyes. And golden brown hair. She has been seen bleaching her hair blonde. On Instagram, there are many pictures of her that are beautiful. Her blonde hair is very famous among the audience. Scott is also a social media influencer. You can find her on Instagram with 2.1 million followers and on Twitter with 20.9 million followers.

Media has often seen her uploading pictures that are beautiful. She is very fond of clicking comfortable self-portraits. There is no sign of a relationship right now. However she appears to be in a relationship with Evan. The first man she met in Michigan University. They were both students there and that’s how they came into a dating relationship. People say that it is very difficult for Eminem’s daughter. But Hailie and Evan have been dating for a few years now according to a source. The couple is not a party couple. They love spending time at home with their pets. They love spending cozy moments at home. There are birthday festivities and special events when you can see them together happily. On her Instagram feed, you can see many pictures from her 24th birthday. There appear to be a handful of them where she is seen holding hands with the boyfriend. It seems like she adores Evan a lot. However, there’s no news of them getting married. They have been the students in the same class during University times. Studying has been awesome together. Now, they are spending their love life together without any hassle.

Hailie Jade

Birthday: December 25, 1995

Age: 26 Years

Sun Sign: Capricorn

Also Known As: Hailie Jade Scott Mathers

Born In: Detroit, Michigan

Famous As: Eminem’s Daughter

Marital Status: Unmarried

Husband/Boyfriend: None

Children: None

Hailie Jade Mathers Career #

Profession: Student

Known For: The Daughter of Eminem (American Rapper)

Net Worth: Approx. $1 million USD

Family & Relatives #

Father: Eminem

Mother: Kim Scott Mathers

Siblings: Whitney Scott Mathers, Alaina Marie Mathers

Kim- Eminem’s Ex-wife #

Eminem’s ex wife is her mother. Kim is the high school sweetheart of Eminem. They have been in an on and off relationship. Kim is 45 years old. Hailey is a social media influencer and adopted by Eminem. She has millions of followers on social media platforms. Hailie was also asked about her career. She is not very clear about the profession she wants to join. She has no desire to become a musician or rapper. Eminem’s daughter said that she would love to be an influencer just like Kim Kardashian. Hailie is very much interested in the beauty industry. She also enjoys playing with her cosmetic talents on social media platforms.

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Right now she is not working anywhere. However being a daughter of a well known celebrity she has a solid living. Her net worth is estimated to be $1 million. The revenue is through the social media profiles for collaboration with organisations to stop. She has a wonderful life and is living effortlessly meeting all her needs. Eminem loves her so much. There is no information about her residence or vehicles in her possession.

Eminem's daughter's

Eminem loves his daughters so much. He is also very protective of his daughter. He is Rapping about early in his songs. Haley James Scott is in more than 20 of Eminem’s tracks. There are many songs like my darling, beautiful, my dad’s gone crazy and so much more. In all his music albums from the year 1992 early 2006 Eminem Sang about his daughter. He is very outspoken about his family and personal issues. Last year Eminem stated that he has been so open about his daughter. He regretted it by saying it was not good for her image.

Songs Inspired By His Family – Eminem Rap Songs #

In 2002, there was a particular song written for Hailie. The Hailie’s Song, this was the title. In this song, Eminem praised her for keeping him grounded in life. He composed the heartbreaking song when she was just seven years old. He was going through a rough time. At the time things were not good because he was in the possession of cocaine. She was not in her senses and was also penalized. That was the time when he adopted Hailie. That’s how the song came into origin.

Then there was a song called going through the changes. This song was written in 2010. This song talks about the two adopted children of Eminem. Both the daughters are mentioned in the song. Eminem has wrapped beautifully on this song. He has also said that his daughters are the Apple of his eyes. However there was a song called that was released in 2009. Many fans think that going through changes is the sequel to the song. However there is a rap song that talks about drug addiction. This is a song that gave the audience an impression on how he came across Hailie.

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The next song is my dad’s gone crazy that came out in 2002. This is not only inspired by his daughter but it also features a voice. In an interview, Eminem said that he and my daughter worked together when I found her running around the studio. And when my daughter said that somebody please help me my dad’s gone crazy at the time I realised that this could be the song Title. This was how the title of the song came into existence. It instantly clicked me and we produced the song. And I also asked my daughter to go into the booth and say the same thing. That’s how we got her featured. Fortunately, we got it right on the very first try.

Hailie Jade

There was another song called Kim that was released in 2000. This song was composed for his ex-wife. He is also Haley’s mother. It was composed when Eminem and Kim got separated. Eminem was inspired to create a love song for his ex-wife. He didn’t want to be a mushy song so he added the fields of Breakup and the kid in the middle. This song was characterized from his real life events. Isn’t it amazing how Eminem writes songs on the basis of his real life.

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To conclude, Eminem has made many songs on his ex wife and daughters. He really loves his daughters and whenever he feels that there is something he wants to convey he tries to make a song from the situation. Most of Eminem’s songs are based on his real-life experiences. That is something which makes them an authentic musician. He is a very good musician and a rapper. He is known as Rap God all over the globe. People know him for his compassion, love and affection for his loved ones. His daughters are the centre of attraction for him. Now there is no one else in his life except his daughter’s. This is why he gave them really close to his heart. There are many songs that he composed just for his daughter’s first because he wants them to remember that their father loves them so much. This is a way of spreading love in terms of songs for his daughter’s. He values them and respects them. He says that he is fortunate enough to have three beautiful daughters.

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