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Hold Up—You’ll Never Believe These In-Demand Beauty Products Just Went on Sale


My toxic trait (which is appropriate considering my career choice) is that I can’t encounter a beauty sale without dropping some serious dough on both new finds and old favorites. While my credit card might be less than enthused, the fact that I’ve tried practically every brand and product under the sun gives me a serious edge when I’m recommending beauty products to friends, family, and you!

I have a super-high success rate. I don’t think I’ve ever told someone to try something without hearing a glowing review from them soon after, so when I tell you Nordstrom’s Spring Sale has some amazing offers you most definitely won’t regret spending money on, you can 100% believe me. If you’ve read or heard about a product here on WWW, it’s like having buyer’s beauty insurance. Through April 18, you can score up to 60% off on a selection of crème de la crème beauty formulas, and offerings will be changing daily depending on sellouts. So without further ado, I recommend scrolling through my top 19 recommendations below and filling up your cart to your heart’s content. The deals are just too good!


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