Kim Kardashian Wore This Casual Denim Trend For a Date With Pete Davidson


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When Kim Kardashian goes out, she’s proven time and time again that comfort is the least of her concerns. She hardly even wears jeans anymore. But every once in awhile, she’ll surprise us and opt for something a little more comfortable than her Balenciaga spandex (as epic as it may be).

This week, for a double date with Pete Davidson at Los Angeles restaurant A.O.C., Kardashian skipped the spandex and went with a double-denim look, featuring a pair of long and loose jeans that are a perfect representation of the trend. While low-rise jeans are certainly the noisiest trend of the season, let this serve as a reminder that we shouldn’t forget about the high-waisted long and loose trend, which is considerably easier to wear than the low-rise trend.

To finish the look off, Kardashian wore a denim button-down and Balenciaga boots and sunglasses. And oh, Pete Davidson wore long and loose jeans too (with Converse sneakers and a hoodie), so there’s that.

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