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8 Reasons Why Leather Jackets Make A Good Wardrobe Staple

Leather Jackets

Every person, man or woman, has a list of essential garments in their wardrobe. A plain white tee, a standard pair of blue jeans, a tailored suit, the list goes on. Everyone’s definition of staple varies as per their personal style preference. Regardless of your style inclination, a leather jacket is a staple garment for everyone. 

Simple yet statement, a leather jacket rarely disappoints. Effortless, easy, versatile, and supremely chic, you just cannot match the power and aura of a leather jacket. They have been around for decades, and they will continue to do so till the end: forever fashionable. Leather jackets come in an assortment of cuts and styles. From the classic bomber to the edgy biker, there is something for everyone. You can style your leather jacket with just about anything, and rest assured that my outfit will look runway-ready.

Here are six reasons why leather jackets make a good wardrobe staple item.

  1. They are a lifetime investment.

With every passing season, we find ourselves scouring the racks for new finds when it comes to clothes. While some may consider it as hoarding, most of us end up buying new clothes over and over again simply because the old ones get worn out. Trends change by the minute, which has led to the advent of fast fashion. We end up buying new clothes simply because the old ones are out of fashion. 

A leather jacket is perhaps the only garment that has successfully managed to exceed trends. Leather jackets have always been in and will continue to do so till the end of time. Their timelessness is what makes them a lifetime investment. Moreover, their durability also comes into play. If properly cared for, a leather jacket will last you for decades. Unlike other fabrics, leather does not wear out with time. In fact, the leather softens with use and wears evenly. While the initial investment that goes into a leather jacket may be hefty, it is one that really pays off. A leather jacket guarantees timeless style and excellent all-year-round use unlike anything else. 

  1. They instantly transform any outfit. 

Nothing comes even close to leather jackets in terms of transformative power. Leather jackets are the easiest way to upgrade any ensemble. They add an edgy and bold element to your outfit that just makes it turn heads wherever it goes. Be it an everyday dress, a pair of casual jeans and a tee, or a pair of sleek chinos and a formal shirt; a leather jacket just elevates every outfit into something special and unique. 

We all have days when we want our outfit to look great, but it just does not. Well, there is a way to fix that, and that is with a leather jacket. Want to make a style statement unlike any other? Just wear a leather jacket on top.

  1. They are effortless and cool.

No one can deny the effortlessness of a leather jacket. Leather jackets radiate a badass aura that can make just about anyone look cool. Every rebel wears a leather jacket; it is not unnatural to feel like a baddie after donning one – we get it. A leather jacket is the epitome of classy edginess. Subtle yet statement, whenever a leather jacket enters a room, it attracts all eyes. This also explains why leather jackets continue to be so popular amongst the masses. Who doesn’t want to look cool, after all?

  1. They are universally flattering.

There is a common misconception associated with leather jackets that they do not complement all body types. In actuality, leather jackets are possibly the only thing that looks good on everyone. All shapes, all sizes; leather jackets flatter everyone equally. The key to making a leather jacket work in your favor is wearing the kind the complements your body shape and how you wish to look. 

If you are looking for something relaxed yet chic, opt for a classic bomber jacket. Pair it with something easy-going yet form-fitting to make your outfit look structured and balanced; something like a fitted dress of straight cut jeans and a nice t-shirt.

If you wish to give your body a toned and structured look, we recommend opting for something like an edgy biker jacket or a racer jacket as they are straight-cut and form-fitting. Style them with something easy like a flowy dress, a pair of everyday jeans and a tee, or perhaps even a pair of formal pants. 

If you are looking for something different and unique, we suggest trying your luck with custom leather jackets. Make sure to strike a good balance in terms of structuring your outfit, and you are good to go.

  1. They are durable.

Leather is a fabric that requires significant upkeep. However, leather is also one of the few fabrics that guarantee excellent durability. Leather jackets are excellent in terms of longevity. If you care for them well, they will look as good as new for years and years. With time and use, a leather jacket becomes softer and more agile. In fact, the more you wear your jacket, the more adapted it becomes to your surroundings. Regular conditioning maintains their finish and prevents cracking and splitting. As long as you do not tear the leather in your jacket, you can guarantee that it will last you well. 

  1. They offer good protection. 

Leather jackets, unlike traditional fabrics, offer excellent protection from the elements. Be it rain, shine, cold, or wind, a leather jacket can withstand it all. Aside from the elements, leather is fairly resistant to scratching and scraping as well. Ideal for all-year-round wear, you can wear them as is or layer them with other pieces for added warmth and protection. Just be sure to care for your jacket well if it is exposed to the elements regularly. 

  1. They come in different styles.

Leather jackets, like any other garment, come in a lot of designs. There is a wide selection of leather jacket styles that you can pick and choose from; variety is always a plus. 

Starting with the classics, we have the classic and timeless bomber jacket. Bomber jackets are the ones that started the craze. They were originally designed for flight personnel but are a symbol of style across the globe today. What makes them stand apart in a crowd is their unique cut. Baggy and comfy, bomber jackets are easy to carry. Their cinched waist and sleeves give the jacket its iconic look and add structure to your ensemble. What is particularly great about them is that they flatter all shapes and sizes. 

Another classic style is the infamous biker jacket. The original uniform for rebels, a biker jacket, exudes the most stunning aura. Its rogue and brazen outlook does not shy away from attention. Biker jackets feature a clean and sharp straight fit with an added element of embellishments like zippers, buckles, spikes, buttons, and more. Biker jackets are just cool – perfect if you are looking for a relaxed and easy yet chic and sexy style upgrade. 

Moving on to more experimental picks, the racer jacket is just as stunning as a bomber or biker jacket, if not more. Racer jackets are possibly the most diverse pick of the lot. You can find them in plain monotone designs as well as fun hybrid picks with colors and other detailing. They are sleek, form-fitting, and super edgy if you want them to be.

Finally, we have some contemporary picks that may sound weird, but they work. One of our favorite modern picks is a fringed leather jacket. Fringed leather jackets are in a league of their own. They come with a fun and flirty aura that is magnetic and alluring. Statement pieces in every sense of the word, fringed leather jackets must be given the limelight because rest assured, they deserve every second of it. 

Regardless of your style preference, every leather jacket design harbors the potential to become a staple piece. 

  1. They come in many colors.

Most of us generally try to play it safe by sticking to neutral tones for staple wear. Black, navy blue, brown, grey, beige – neutrals are such versatile choices. However, some of us tend to prefer vibrant colors more than understated neutral hues. A bright yellow, a deep green, a stunning electric blue, or perhaps a fiery red; colors breathe life into everything. Well, if you love colors, you never have to worry about not finding a leather jacket of your liking. Gone are the days when black and brown were possibly the only two colors in which you could find a good leather jacket. Now, you can find all kinds of leather jackets in pretty much every color imaginable. You can even get yourself custom-colored jackets if you are looking for something astoundingly unique. Keep it bold or keep it subtle; it all comes down to what you fancy.

  • Parting thoughts

Leather jackets are a wardrobe staple for just about anyone who owns them. If there is one investment that everyone needs to make in their lifetime, it is a leather jacket. While it may seem like a dent in the pocket, rest assured, the jacket compensates for it in more than one way. Be it style, durability, or protection; a leather jacket takes the crown every time. When you buy a leather jacket, be sure to buy one that resonates with your style and gels with other wardrobe pieces. 

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