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Nighttime Routines You Need For 4C Hair Growth

Gorgeous & healthy 4c natural hair

 It can be difficult for naturals to know what to do with their hair at night. Different hair types, needs, and lengths, we believe, influence what your routine should look like. Short 4C natural haircuts, for instance, benefit more from simply donning a bonnet and sleeping in. On the other hand, some might be better off placing their hair in a pineapple before bed.

A good nightly routine is equally as crucial as a good daily routine for natural hair growth because natural hair is extremely prone to dryness!

Let’s look at some of the hair care measures you can take with natural hair nighttime regimen to keep your hair healthy and promote hair growth.

Why Is Night-Time Routine Essential For 4C Hair Type?

Below are 3 reasons why a comprehensive night-time routine is essential for 4c hair type:

  • It will help keep your curls and coils from becoming tangled.
  • A nighttime routine will help minimize manipulation and strain on your 4c hair type.
  • It will help strengthen and moisturize your natural hair.

1.    Moisturize 4C Hair Nightly

Before & after moisturizing nightly

Is it true that moisture promotes hair growth? That is a difficult question to answer. Although moisture has no direct effect on hair growth, keeping 4c hair moisturized with enough hydration makes it less prone to breakage.

Reduced hair breakage equates to healthier hair, which promotes quicker hair growth. Reduced hair breakage equates to healthier hair, which promotes quicker hair growth.

Before going to bed, create a nighttime water remedy and leave-in conditioner and massage it to your 4c natural hair. Add drops of Rosemary oil to the solution if you have a particularly dry scalp. Rosemary oil is widely regarded as a hair-growth magic oil. The naturally active components in rosemary are thought to help prevent some of the causes of baldness.

2.    Oil 4C Hair Twice A Week

Moisturized glow

You can supplement moisture with high natural oils for extremely dry hair to provide the extra hydration it requires. As it takes a while for the natural oils to travel from the root to the ends of your 4c hair type, supplementing your hair with additional oils is an excellent approach to maintaining healthy and nourished hair.

Castor oil is one of the greatest oils for natural hair growth because it contains ricinoleic acid and omega-6 essential fatty acids, increasing blood flow to the scalp and promoting hair growth.

Pro Tip: To prevent clogged pores, wash excess oil and product buildup weekly.

3.    Wear Comfortable Night-Time Protective Style For 4C hair

Flat twists for bed

 Taking good care of your 4c natural hair’s hydration is essential, especially at night when it’s exposed to fabrics. Wearing your hair in protective braids or twists is another great approach to keep it safe. It will retain moisture in your 4c natural hair while you sleep, keeping it healthy, moisturized, and frizz-free.

Choosing a comfy protective hairstyle for the night, like braids or twists with a bonnet. There won’t be tugging, and you’ll enjoy a decent night’s sleep. When plaiting or twisting your hair, forgo using extensions because the weight might pull on the scalp, causing further breaking. We understand that adding extensions is unavoidable in some instances, especially if your 4c natural hair isn’t long enough.

If you already have protective braids like a box or Marley twists installed, envelop your hair into a pineapple. The method will ensure your braided long 4c hair is protected from friction.

4.    Don’t Skip Bonnets & Scarves For 4C Hair Growth

Bundle up your hair during bedtime to prevent continuous hair dryness induced by overexposure to severe environmental elements. Ensure your 4c natural hair is moderately damp and moisturized with a leave-in conditioner and water before wearing your bonnet or covering it with a satin scarf.

It’s best to wear a satin or silk scarf because they don’t collect oil like other materials. Choose silk pillowcases to prevent oil from being drained from your hair when you sleep.

5.    Hot Oil Treatment & Scalp Massage For Long 4C Hair

Hot oil massage to promote 4c hair growth

Scalp massages improve circulation and, as a result, encourage hair growth, and it only takes five or ten minutes nightly to achieve results.

Apply the warm oil to your 4c natural hair and brush it through to ensure evenly distributed. Run your fingers clockwise across your scalp, using moderate pressure and occasionally massaging to open up the blood vessels and improve blood flow.

Pro Tip: Incorporate some liquid vitamins into your concoction. It will guarantee that your 4c hair type receives all of the necessary nutrients.

6.    Deep Condition Weekly For Long 4C Hair

Result of weekly deep conditioning 4c hair

 Regular conditioning and deep conditioning are two entirely different treatments. The first can be done whenever you wash your hair, but you should only deep condition 4c natural Hair once a week.

Oils and fatty acids are found in deep conditioners. These substances help to soften the hair and give it more flexibility. It is especially crucial when using proteins because protein treatments can cause natural hair to become extremely stiff and brittle.

Even though deep conditioners can help restore the shaft, it is not permanent solution and must be repeated regularly. As a result, weekly deep conditioning is essential to achieve and retain long 4c hair.

6 Additional Tips For 4C Hair Growth

6 additional tips for 4c hair type

Incorporate the following 6 tips into your 4c hair routine (day or night) to see the results.

  1.    Your hair necessitates moisture and not just any moisture; it necessitates water regularly. If you want to wash your second or third-day hair, give it a water-only wash. Your hair will be clean & refilled with moisture!
  2.    You might have heard of this already; avoid tying your natural hair too tight and avoid standard hair ties while you are at it. Tightly tying your 4c natural hair causes breakage, and nighttime routines prove counterintuitive.
  3.    Your natural 4c hair is practically 80% protein, so a nutritious diet is often synonymous with healthy & long hair. Include protein, fruits, and vegetables in your diet.
  4.    Frequent haircuts do not affect your 4c hair growth, but how you care for your 4c hair type determines how strong and healthy it appears. It’s no surprise that damaged hair slows down your hair’s normal growth. If you notice that your hair is continually dry, it’s probably time for a trim.
  5.    Patiently finger detangle your 4c hair whenever you get time. It reduces breakage, and because you are pulling your hair with care and without tearing, your hair will be healthier.
  6.    Wash your bonnet, scarf, and pillowcases weekly. After each hair washes, use a clean bonnet and pillowcase. This way, you’re utilizing a clean bonnet and pillowcase while your hair is clean. Changing your pillowcase is also advantageous to your skin.


Whether you are donning a bonnet or putting your 4c hair into a pineapple to maintain it, you ought to have a good nighttime hair routine to achieve long 4c hair. Include the 6 hair care pointers mentioned above in your nighttime to boost hair growth.

Shop for sulfate-free shampoos & conditioners and other hair care essentials for 4c Hair from Indique Virgin Hair Extensions. They have in-house hair care products designed for natural hair and carry selected products from Design Essentials to natural hair. Get your today and start your nighttime hair care routine ASAP!

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