Pricier Than Zara, Cheaper Than Prada—These 13 Brands Meet You in the Middle


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There’s a lot of talk in fashion about splurging on luxury, designer items as well as budget-buying fast-fashion dupes. Not often discussed, however, are the brands that meet you in the middle. Fashion’s take on the Goldilocks principle, these brands aren’t too cheap nor too pricey, but just right, often ranging from $150 to $600, give or take a few bucks. Essentially, they offer a level of quality that surpasses most fast-fashion brands without the designer price tags. 

Perfect for those shopping days when you have some extra cash in your pocket—it’s tax-return season, you know—and want one or two pieces that will last, the 13 brands below are guaranteed to turn up the style level of your current wardrobe. And yet, none will leave you with that all-too-familiar knot in your stomach that comes with dropping an extravagant amount of money on one shockingly expensive item. Instead, all you’ll feel is excitement over your new buys. 


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