You Heard It Here First—This ’90s Trend Has Finally Returned


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We’re fresh out of runway season, and I spent the entirety of February with my eyes glued to the fashion shows to find out what trends I should expect to blow up next. As I watched the models sashay down the runway this season, there was one common theme that I hadn’t seen in a while that I felt had an overwhelming presence—the choker.

Around 2016, I remember ’90s fashion being at its peak, and everyone had a velvet choker around their neck at every social gathering I attended as a college student. Afterward, the trend disappeared for a while, but it’s back and better than ever in 2022. Fashion designers have moved on from the velvet approach and are now using bold metals, pearls, and embellishments to create chokers that feel very right now.

I’m officially sold on “the new choker” and will be wearing it as much as possible to finish off every look I wear. Basically, I’m letting you in on a little shopping hack. In some cases, just $20 can take your outfit to the next level if you just add a choker. So what are you waiting for? Scroll through my picks that surely won’t disappoint.


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