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5 Reasons Why Your Attire Is Incomplete Without A Pocket Square

5 Reasons Why Your Attire Is Incomplete Without A Pocket Square

It has been a decade since there was a movement toward a more relaxed aesthetic in men’s fashion.

Wearing sneakers with a tuxedo was considered reasonably radical a while back, like 2004, but is now a common sight at summer weddings. Since the change has been deliberate and moderate, we have no problem with it.

Typically, the most formal groups are the last to catch on to new fashion trends. This is especially true for trends with less strict adherence to old formalities.

This points to the reasons for the impending demise of the necktie.

At the G7 Summit, world leaders posed for a portrait without the men wearing ties for the first time in 40 years. It suggests that even if we may be the most influential individuals in the world, we can all relax and be ourselves around one another. A visual way for politicians to say, “I’m a normal person who lives in the real world,” but they usually hide it once they get into office.

Although we may all agree that a future without neckties is inevitable, there is still a sense that this image is missing something.

So, what’s the missing piece? Breast pockets with pocket squares!

Here are five compelling reasons to wear a pocket square immediately if you’re on the fence about it.

1. Join The Company of The Most Stylish Guys in Recent History

What do the fictional characters Clark Gable, Jay Gatsby, Don Draper, and Daniel Craig (not to mention James Bond) all have in common? They are all well-dressed men, and each has a pocket square. 

Still have reservations about that square of folded handkerchief’s beautiful touch? Consider the leisure suit, which is often regarded as one of the worst examples of men’s fashion. Even though it has pockets, it doesn’t have a pocket square.

2. Easy to Acquire and Dispose of

There are certain fashion statements that look amazing but come at a high price. Contrary to pocket squares. Financially secure gentlemen may want to buy expensive silk handkerchiefs from a designer. Still, even a modestly well-off man can find pocket square blue designs with unique fabrics and patterns from discount retailers. The pocket square is inexpensive and quite portable, and it gives you the option to determine how to fold it and whether you want to have it shown when there are times when you’d rather have a little less attention focused on you. 

3. Self-expression

We all have certain outfits we “should” wear, and occasionally, despite our best efforts to stand out, we fit in. Sure, you could play it safe. But instead, why not make a bold statement that will distinguish you from your orders?

Nothing that would prompt your supervisor to contact security!

The pocket square is a great way to make a statement without tipping the apple cart. To inject individuality and creativity into your suit, try a pocket square in whatever color or color variety you can. Even though pocket squares aren’t as ordinary as they used to be, they have a long history that makes them interesting and worthy of respect.

4. Escape the mundane

In his renowned short poem “In a Metro Station,” Ezra Pound remarks, “The apparition of these faces in the crowd;/Petals on a wet, black bough.” The poem would need a couple of extra lines if everybody carried a pocket square, and perhaps there would be depictions of flaming torches or brilliantly plumaged birds. The attention you receive from others will depend on whether your pocket square exudes understated elegance or bold color and raffish folds. Likewise, if you make the best decision, your life could go in another direction.

5. The Prosperity

In times passed, extraordinary men were known to have accessories that turned heads, whether it was the helmet of a Viking warrior, the feather in the cap of a passionate troubadour, or the earring of a wealthy Renaissance-era lord. To liven up the routine of your everyday life, any materials can likely be worn by you if you have a genuinely exceptional profession. Lucky for us, the pocket square is a more understated and contemporary approach to injecting character and style into an otherwise generic suit.

You don’t have to be committed to wearing a pocket square for the rest of your life; why not give it a shot today and see if you like it? We are willing to wager that you will have a good time and that everyone who sees you will feel the same way.

How to Correctly Choose The Right Pocket Square

Make the secondary color of your shirt or tie the primary color of your pocket square by selecting it from those two options.

Only wear a few patterns, and make sure some of your clothes are solid colors; this will make the colors in your pocket square or tie stand out. You want your tie and pocket square to be a different match.

If you wear a silk pocket square, ensure it’s larger than 40cm x 40cm (16 inches). Then, the delicate fabric won’t slide down into your pocket.

Find the right fold for the suitable event. For more official events, keep to the flat fold. For more relaxed occasions, apply more creativity by folding the material using either the traditional puff fold or more flamboyant folds. The only rule is about the white pocket square. Other than that, there are few. White squares are universally flattering, as they match every possible shade of suit and tie.

The Bottom Line

Although wearing a handkerchief (also known as a pocket square) is less widespread than it once was, it remains a terrific means of expressing yourself and demonstrating a little personality. The modern purpose of a handkerchief or pocket square is entirely aesthetic. Even while not all guys choose to do so, this is an excellent chance for you to demonstrate your sense of individuality through your choice of clothing. And that’s the true explanation for why men and women alike don’t go without pocket squares.

What do you think? Do you have a pocket square in your wardrobe? If your answer is no, you already know the next steps.

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